Will the city or county animal services help me with a skunk issue?

Skunks habits are really annoying and they can be damage your houses and can spread the diseases as well. If you come across a skunk in your house then it should be removed as soon as possible. Skunks can spray their foul smell on you or can even bite or scratch you which can cause many kinds of infectious diseases. Where some people have the courage to remove the skunks on their own others are not that much courageous or they don’t have time for this. Therefore, in such a case should a person take help from the country animal services to remove the skunks?

Well, the sad part is country animal services do not deal with the skunk issues. They are usually trained in other wild animal’s issues but not with the skunks. In some countries, animal services do have specialization in other matters as well like domestic dog bites, pet abuse or dangerous pet’s issues but not much in skunk’s issues. The reason behind this is that the animal services get most of the complaints for other wildlife issues and they get rare complaints for skunks. That’s why animal services in most of the countries do not provide much help in this regard.

In some extreme rare cases, animal service can provide their service but it will be more of a general help than their professional work. In this case, they will not make any kind of efforts to look for the skunk in the attics or at other different places. All that effort you will have to do on your own. Generally, country or city animal service can offer borrowed trap, so that you can use it right away and your time of setting up that trap will be saved. This is the only help they can do for you.

If you actually want to get rid of skunk then instead of city or country animal services, it is better to call trained wildlife expert. Those persons are able to catch all types of animals including skunk. They are having proper equipments and skills too. They will inspect your property properly and will check where the skunk would be hiding and what will be the good place or places for setting up the trap. Moreover, they will assist you with the possible entry points of the skunks so that you can seal them to prevent further skunks in your property.

Thus, you can either hire a private or an independent wildlife expert for the skunk issue and he will manage the whole process starting from searching the skunk, removing, cleaning the area and then the prevention tips. After this, you can ensure that your property is safe and animals or say skunks will not be able to get into your house again. Therefore, it is always better to hire an wildlife expert rather than city or country animal services for the skunk issue.

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